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Initial Cleanings

Your initial home or office cleaning is what happens before on-going weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service begins. Initial cleanings bring your space to our normal maintenance level for effective regular cleaning service. We work from your priority list to ensure what you value most about your home cleaning is finished without doubt. On average the normal initial cleaning takes 2 to 2 1/2 times longer than the regular cleaning time will take.The hourly rates listed in red below apply. 

Move in/Move Out Cleanings

These cleanings are helpful in reducing the stress that often occurs when the chore of moving is added to your busy life. We work from your priority list to clean an empty home or office space. The hourly rates listed in red below apply.


Special Occasions/One time Cleanings

Do you have family or friends coming into town to stay with you for a while? Or maybe there's a large party you're catering at your home or office. These cleanings are most often booked for holidays, Spring cleaning, new infant arrivals, etc. We work from your priority list to clean for a specific event. The regular hourly rates listed in red below apply.


Holidays may happen on the day of your regularly scheduled cleaning, and while we look forward to cleaning up before and after your family and office celebrations, we will be closed and celebrating with our family and friends, too. We are happy to reschedule these cleanings on the next available day and time that is convenient for you.



 Regular Hourly Rate Cleanings:

  $45.00 per hour for one cleaner  /  $75.00 per hour for two cleaners 

 Your home or office will be cleaned according to your priority list.  Your priority list may remain the same for each cleaning or you can change it from week to week by leaving a note with directions. The cleaning will only happen for the set amount of time and the cleaners will get as much as possible finished. 

In order to have two cleaners in your home; your home cleaning needs to be at least an hour and half long.

The minimum amount of time to hire one cleaner is 2 hours which equates to $90.00. 

The minimum amount of time, unless otherwise predetermined by Green Team Cleaning, to hire two cleaners is 1.5 hours which equates to $131.25.

*After an initial hourly cleaning and four regular hourly cleanings, it is possible to implement Fixed Rate    Cleanings for your home. The four hourly cleanings allow sufficient time for the cleaners to get used to your space as it is on a regular basis to properly estimate a fixed-rate time. 


Fixed Rate Cleanings:

Rate: Depends on average cleaning time after 4 hourly cleanings 


Your home will be cleaned according to a fixed list of your priorities. All tasks on your fixed list will always be finished during your cleaning.  Pricing will be determined by the average time it takes to clean your home after an initial hourly cleaning and four regular hourly cleanings. 



In-Home Laundry Service

"You provide the detergents and we will wash, dry and fold it."

Select up to two full-loads of laundry for us to clean for you while we clean your home. 

We are there to make your home experience easy going. Giving you peace of mind is our driving force behind why we make a point to look after your personal needs with a tender love, and care, not far removed from the experiences you provide for your family yourself

$15.00 (Per 2-Loads of Laundry)

For on-site laundry (w/ use of your products)


$25.00 (Per 2-Loads of Laundry)

$45.00 (Per 4-Loads of Laundry) & $60.00 (Per 6-Loads of Laundry)

For OFF-site laundry (w/ use of our products)



Cash, Checks, Credit Cards or Money Orders, 

are welcomed...

(It's important to note that returned checks come with a $50.00 protection fee)

We do our best to accommodate our clients with the utmost respect and kindness and look to make your customized cleaning easy to manage both with time in consideration and monetary situations.



any Home or Commercial cleaning

outside of a 25 mile radius from the greater Seattle area

will receive an extra eco-drive charge fee of $25.00


"Like a true friend. Our thing is; If we make a mistake, we simply schedule a moment to come on back & fix it." 


 Note: We are eager to meet your personalized needs, and it is known that special circumstances, and special occasions happen. To meet the practical demand that certain areas require we will provide service to additional areas of interest. Please schedule extra time for dishes, inside of fridge/oven, emptying garbage/recycle/compost, vacuuming furniture, waxing furniture/floors, changing towels/bed linens, straightening/tidying overall room appearance, etc...


(15-30 min.) (without floors)



- Toilets (in, out, and floors around)





Cabinets spot cleaned


(15-30 min.) (without floors)

Exterior of stove, 

- oven, fridge and other appliances. 

Exterior and interior of microwave. 

Counter tops 

- sinks and backsplashes. 

Exterior of cabinets spot cleaned.


(3-10 min.) (most rooms)


- Knickknacks

- Pictures




- ~Shelves

Light fixtures that can be reached 

- Top and fronts of 

- TVs and computers 

(fronts of flat screens are very delicate and will 

not be dusted)

 Lamps and lamp shades

Tables and desks

Chair legs and braces

Light switches spot cleaned

Smudges on doors and walls



(varies on size) 

Rooms vacuumed and edged.

Stairs vacuumed and edged.

Small rugs picked up to vacuum and mop.

Big rugs vacuumed under edges.

- Vacuum and mop under tables and large furniture as well as possible. 

All bare floors thoroughly mopped and spot cleaned.

Small rugs not put back until floors are dry. 


 C A N C E L L A T I O N   P O L I C Y :

       No call. No key. No show. (By you as our client) )

If we are unable to enter your home for a scheduled cleaning

 you will receive a fee of half your cleaning cost in the first 

instance. If additional circumstances occur the charge will be 

the full amount of your cleaning. 

This is in place to secure our time we have allotted for your service. It is important to note that we do honor and respect cancellations. 

There is no charge for cancellations made 48 hours and above.

After the first occurrence, cancellations made under 48 hours may be subject to the full charge of your appointment.