Green Cleaning

There are countless benefits of going green for a business. One of the number one motivators for businesses to Go Green is the image it presents to the public; but it also can boost employee morale, provide competitive advantage, and even increase customer satisfaction. A company that proves it values and commits to sustainability by adopting green practices can set itself apart from the rest; that means choosing service providers who are also committed to the environment through green cleaning

At Green Team Cleaning we know that a comprehensive cleaning program includes the use of disinfectant chemicals along with equipment to reduce the spread of illness-causing germs and limit the chance of infectious outbreak increasing the safety of our indoor environments and workplace health. We provide our customers with an innovative, environmentally conscious, science-based cleaning system program that decreases the spread of infection while ensuring the well-being and safety of the humans and environment that we touch.

Microfiber Technology

Microfiber Clothes and Flat head mops are used to prevent paper based cleaning tools that typically incorporate chlorine and other toxic chemicals.  Microfiber clothes can be cleaned and reused up to 500 times therefore reducing the packaging waste.

 HEPA Vacuum Technology

Unfiltered commercial vacuums return 40% of dirt back into the air decreasing indoor air quality.  By embracing new technology with HEPA air filtration 99.7% of germs and allergens are eliminated.

 Chemical Management

By our using chemical a management system we ensure that no excess chemical be used during the cleaning process.  This also allows for water conservation and reduction of waste bi-product.

Sustainability is a comprehensive approach looking at all aspects of our environment from air quality to water conservation. Our internal training program teaches our staffers to denote what products work best for which surfaces and then apply those methods correctly.

Color Coding Tools

Using color-coded clothes and tools helps our team prevent cross contamination within the facility.  This procedure ensures the Green Seal’s Standard for Industrial and Institutional Cleaners (GS-37) certified chemicals for general purpose, washroom, glass, and carpet cleaning or recommended chemicals for those not covered by standard, but go beyond current industry specifications. With a lot of these items being available over the counter at your local grocer, distribution center, or co-op stores you can begin this process yourselves and start to educate your friends and family on ways to better their common area environments additionally.

  “Green” Paper products

You can move to EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines and Green Seal’s Standards for Tissue (GS-1) and Towels (GS-9) for recycled content in janitorial paper products bleached without the use of chlorine or its derivatives. Products dispensed from large rolls to minimize packaging and waste. Folded paper towels are discouraged. “Hands-free” paper towel dispensers for commercial properties that reduce the potential for cross-contamination. High-capacity dispensers that promote waste-reduction by controlling towel usage. Also available at grocers like Trader Joes, PCC, World Market, Whole Foods, Costco, Fred Myers, Safeway, and ect.

Small Steps Count Too

You can begin with basic green cleaning options, such as switching to Green Seal certified cleaning products. With going Green you can also take a broader approach to cleaning green and include things like, recycling programs and touchless water conservation equipment.

 Whatever route you choose, there are simple steps you can take to decrease pollutants spread throughout your facility and to promote indoor air quality. Green cleaning provides benefits to businesses, buildings, occupants, visitors, and the environment.

By knowing the importance of certifications and other trends as it relates to the cleaning industry you can become a genuine partner in achieving a national going green goal.

Our goal is to provide a clean, healthy and productive workplace while protecting your personal environment.